Lodge History



The Lodge is named in honor of the First Grand Master of the Supreme Council Order of Demolay, Republic of the Philippines. A noted insuranceman. A world war II veteran with the Rank of Colonel, a Survivor of the death march from Bataan to Capas, Tarlac and a very much well-loved by the youth, whose unselfish contributions to Masonry, the Brethren felt should be recognized.

          On May 24, 2003 Thirty Three Master Masons addressed a petition to the MW Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines, praying for a permission to organize a Lodge at the Scottish Rite Temple, in Taft Avenue, Malate Manila, to be named “Dad Macario R. Ramos Sr. Memorial Lodge “UD”.

          The petition was favorably endorsed by Very Worshipful Ramoncito P. Javier District Deputy Grand Master of Masonic District No. 1 and worshipful Brother Jose A. Roncesvalles- Worshipful Master of Cosmos Lodge No. 8

Among the petitioners were:

Agar, Charles G.
Aquino Elmer C.
Ancajas, Egidio R.
Bunda, Rudyardo V. – PGM,
Bunyi, Oscar V. – PGM
Cabali, Julio M.,
Chua, Peter C.,
Dy, Gregorio C.
Ebdane, Jr., Hermogenes E. – GM,
Fajardo, Reynold S. – PGM, GMH
Go, Albert C.,
Herrera, Rosendo C. - PGM, GMH,
Juico, Victorino Q.,
Labitoria, Eugenio S. – PGM
Lovero, Francisco M.,
Magbanua, Jose Avelino I.,
Ofendo Reyes, Arnel M.,
Pagotan, Roberto Q. –PGM
Paredes, Edgardo Z.,
Penalosa, Nerville P. – PM,
Puno, Reynato S. – PGM
Ramos, Macario J. Jr. – RW
Reprado, Tomas N.
Rocha, Rolando F. – PM
Ronquillo, Donald G.
Roncesvalles, Jose A.
Sarmiento, Alex D.
Sia-Cunco, Januario E.
Soriano, Napoleon A. – PGM
Tan, Albert K.
Tan, Alejandro L.
Tomampo, Reynaldo M.
Yu, Romeo A. - DGM

          To congregate into a regular lodge, known as Dad Macario R. Ramos Sr. Memorial Lodge UD., Most Worshipful Ricardo G. Galvez, Grand Master, designated RW Macario R. Ramos Jr. to be the First Master Bro. Reynaldo M. Tomampo to be the First Senior Warden and Very Worshipful Gregorio C. Dy to be the First Junior Warden of the new Lodge.

          Most Worshipful Napoleon A. Soriano, PGM with the authority of Most Worshipful Ricardo G. Galvez, Grand Master. With the assistance of RW Jaime Y. Gonzales – Junior Grand Warden who acted as Master of Ceremonies instituted Dad Macario R. Ramos Sr. Memorial Lodge UD., on February 20. 2004 and on the same day the officers of the Lodge were installed into office, the Lodge had no problem securing a Charter from the MW Grand Lodge, during the Annual Communication held in April 2005 at the Tagaytay Convention Center, Tagaytay City.

          On May 2, 2005, Most Worshipful Hermogenes E. Ebdane Jr., Grand Master together with his Grand Line Officers, personally Constituted Macario R. Ramos Memorial Lodge No. 355, F. & A.M., at the Scottish Rite Temple, 1828 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila.

          With Worshipful Brother Reynaldo M. Tomampo as the Worshipful Master Bro. Charles G. Agar as the Senior Warden and Bro. Januario E. Sia-Cunco, as the Junior Warden.

         Today Macario R. Ramos Memorial No. 355, F. & A.M., is hailed as one of the Most Dynamic and Active Lodge of Masonic NCR-A Thanks to the dedication of its members.